Cut out unnecessary face-to face, virtual and hybrid meetings and radically improve the ones that remain.

Save a day a week, cut down the number of meetings and improve your collaboration – it’s a real win-win

  • An increase in the number of meetings and slower decisions are two of the common challenges in more complex organizations.
  • People in complex organizations generally waste a day a week sitting in meetings that are not relevant. We can show you how to identify these unnecessary topics and meetings and deliver them without having a meeting.
  • Many other face-to-face and virtual meetings are badly run and lack participation, inclusivity and engagement. We can show you how to design and run more relevant, effective, inclusive and engaging face-to-face, and online meetings
  • Hybrid meetings bring an additional challenge of having some people together in the room and others joining remotely, we need new facilitation skills to equalize the experience

Fix your meetings and fix your collaboration.

See more about our effective hybrid and virtual meetings training.

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People in complex organizations tell us they spend 40% of their time in meetings and 50% of this time is wasted.

Our book Kill Bad Meetings and Effective Meetings Training shows you how to cut out unnecessary meetings and improve the ones that remain.

Watch a video review of our book and training from someone who attended and implemented some of the ideas

Training in designing and running effective and engaging meetings.

We develop and deliver fully bespoke face-to-face and virtual learning programs tailored to your specific leaders and team members who need to improve the way they design and run effective meetings. Our modular content means we can tailor something quickly and inexpensively.

We have also packaged our most requested topic areas into ready to run 90-minute bite sized modules available face-to-face, via webinar or online learning.

Click on the highlighted modules of our effective meetings learning path to see more on the content of each. Choose just the modules you need.

Some of our other modules, such as “Communication heartbeat” may also be relevant to improving your meetings. You can add these if required.

The steps to more complex collaboration. Explore our learning paths and individual modules.

Click on any of the modules on the interactive graphic below to see a more detailed description of the content and download a copy of our bite sized learning brochure.

We have highlighted in pink the modules we think are most relevant to this topic but you may see other modules that are relevant to your specific situation. You can take the whole highlighted learning path or choose just the specific modules you need right now to build a unique learning path tailored to your needs.

Educate yourself further on matrix management with our comprehansive online resources.

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People and Purpose in a Complex World Modules

Finding purpose, engagement and success in a complex world and mastering mastering the people aspects of succeeding in a fast moving agile and digital environment.

Matrix Management Modules

In matrix management, higher levels of ambiguity, competing goals, accountability without control and influence without authority become the norm. Decisions and collaboration become more complex.

Effective Meetings Training

This video gives an overview of our Effective Meetings training. You can find out more from about more about our specific  Virtual Meetings training or read our book Kill Bad Meetings.

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