Agile & Digital Leadership training - leading people in agile organizations and creating the people capability for successful digital transformation

Leading in an Agile and digital world requires new ways of working to learn and deliver faster, lead autonomous teams and accelerate change.

Agility is about principles before tools. We help you clarify what you want to achieve and build the best ways of working to achieve it.

Program elements can be tailored to your agile and digital context and business goals but often includes

  • Failing fast and managing risk – using iterative working and a Minimal Viable Product approach to accelerate learning, experimentation and customer involvement.
  • Leading for Speed – lean and agile principles in action – cutting out unnecessary work to meet, decide and deliver faster.
  • Autonomous teams and shared and emergent leadership – building and supporting autonomous teams and enabling distributed leadership to emerge.
  • Moving from hierarchy to networks and influence – developing the skills to build, improve and activate your network to get things done and influence without authority.
  • Accelerating technology adoption – how to speed up the way different groups of people adopt new tools and adapt your way of working to the opportunities that technology brings.
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Agile working and digital transformation are challenging traditional ways for working. This changes the nature of leadership, how we innovate and the way we exercise control, work through technology and manage risk.

Many organizations are focused on introducing Agile tools such as SCRUM and KANBAN or on introducing digital tools. However, agility is about principles before tools. In a post-COVID world some traditional agile techniques that rely on face-to-face contact will need to be adapted fast.

Just having a stand up meeting every day or introducing the latest collaboration app won’t make you agile and may make things worse.

We start by being clear about what you are trying to achieve and then select the tools and ways of working that help you get there.

Our unique contribution lies in:

  • skills for people running or working on multiple and virtual Agile teams
  • the leadership and people management capabilities needed in an agile organization or during digital transformation?
  • applying agile and lean leadership principles to increase our organizational agility

Training in leading Agile working, organizational agility and digital transformation

We develop and deliver fully bespoke face to face and virtual learning programs tailored to your specific leaders and team members who need to improve the way they lead and collaborate in agile and digital teams. Our modular content means we can tailor something quickly and inexpensively.

We have also packaged our most requested topic areas into ready to run 90-minute bite sized modules available face to face, via webinar or online learning.

Click on the modules of our agile and digital learning path to see more on the content of each. Choose just the modules you need.

Some of our other modules may also be relevant to your agile & digital teams as successful virtual and matrix management are foundational skills for agile and digital transformation.

The steps to more complex collaboration. Explore our learning paths and individual modules.

Click on any of the modules on the interactive graphic below to see a more detailed description of the content and download a copy of our bite sized learning brochure.

We have highlighted in pink the modules we think are most relevant to this topic but you may see other modules that are relevant to your specific situation. You can take the whole highlighted learning path or choose just the specific modules you need right now to build a unique learning path tailored to your needs.

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People and Purpose in a Complex World Modules

Finding purpose, engagement and success in a complex world and mastering mastering the people aspects of succeeding in a fast moving agile and digital environment.

Matrix Management Modules

In matrix management, higher levels of ambiguity, competing goals, accountability without control and influence without authority become the norm. Decisions and collaboration become more complex.

Agile & Digital Leadership skills

This video gives an overview of our Agile & Digital Leadership training.

Find out more from our agile and digital insights and free webinar Leading the change from virtual to matrix and digital teams

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