Solution: ‘So Agile’ upskill for Top 200 leaders in the organization – delivered virtually

A 1-year programme: 5 x highly interactive instructor-led virtual workshops, plus online learning and individual coaching between live sessions

Participants were in mixed groups (vs. intact teams) with self-planning feature used to increase opportunities to adopt cross-functional and remote working at a global level, leveraging the use of technology. A total of 80 virtual workshops covering:

  1. Sharing context and creating clarity – understanding and demystifying the matrix; goal and role clarity and alignment; managing conflict
  2. Streamlining co-operation – creating the networks, communities, teams and groups we need to succeed whilst avoiding over-cooperation
  3. Balancing control and trust – overcoming trust barriers and decentralizing control as much as possible
  4. Communication – maintaining the communication “heartbeat” and engagement both face-to-face and through technology
  5. Community – creating identity, loyalty and visibility with multiple bosses and locations

Impact: mindset shift from matrix victim to matrix leader

  • Immediately after each virtual workshop: 98% of senior execs felt they met or exceeded their objectives for the course. The benefit to me/ the organization: “more efficient, less time in meetings and faster decision making”. “Better flow of information, enhancing empowerment and trust, better financial results”.
  • 1-month after the year-long programme: 80% are starting to apply some tools and approaches learnt in their daily job. 78% of execs felt the programme would also be relevant for their teams.

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