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Tim Mitchell Vice President, Americas

Tim Mitchell was born in England but quickly moved to warmer climates, growing up in the West Indies, the Middle East and Africa. He joined Global Integration in September 1999, and is today Vice President, USA.

Al.though currently based in the US (Oregon), Tim undertakes a lot of international work. He has a degree in History and Politics and is a qualified accountant (CIMA).

Tim is a qualified scuba diving instructor (PADI) and fanatical soccer fan and will happily talk about both for hours.

Tim Mitchell: International Management Experience

Tim’s business career included finance and commercial roles in the aerospace and oil industries based in the UK, Thailand, Pakistan, Singapore and Indonesia, ending up as Finance and Commercial Director for Asia – running virtual teams in eight different locations.

Articles by and About Tim Mitchell

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Conference speaking

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Some of the insight and skills that Tim and the team provided to us still sticks with me to this day. In fact, I am often times coaching my teams now on how to communicate within a matrix organisation. That is how valuable they are!


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Last updated: April 2014

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