Privacy Policy

What happens with your data when you visit this site?

Global Integration recognizes the importance of your privacy.

We operate internationally – literally anywhere in the World – and a full review of the laws of every single country would almost certainly mean that by the time we’d finished reviewing, it would be time to go back and start again.

We have therefore adopted a policy of being totally transparent about both our handling of data that you give to us, and about how the operation of our website affects users, and will make every effort to publish that information here.

This information falls into two categories. Information that you personally and deliberately give us for processing, and information acquired by the website in order to operate.

If you think we have missed something, do let us know and we’ll take appropriate measures to correct this.

Personal information

Personal information that you provide will be used solely for specific internal marketing, statistical and product information purposes, and to allow us to contact you on request:

  • Any personal information that you may provide will be processed by Global Integration, and it will be shared between company members of the group in order to ensure our relationship with you is efficient and properly managed.
  • No information about you will be made available to any third party unconnected with Global Integration (unless you specifically request it).
  • When you request our newsletter, your name and email address are securely held on a piece of third party software which manages the issue of the newsletter. It also processes any requests to ‘unsubscribe’ if you change your mind (ie it stops us from inadvertently ‘spamming’ you, and gives you control over your preferences).
  • All information and data that you may provide to us – subject to your instructions to the contrary – will be retained and disclosed only to the degree necessary to efficiently process your specific request.
  • We will not collect your personal data without your consent, unless otherwise required by applicable laws and/or lawful requests by the appropriate authorities. It is entirely your decision as to whether you would like to disclose to us your individually identifiable information, e.g. to register your details, to participate in surveys or to purchase our products on our e-commerce website. We do not store any financial details submitted to our e-commerce website.


Cookies are small files that may be put onto your computer when you visit a site. There’s a great explanation here: What are Cookies?

Because the laws regarding cookies vary internationally, and we recognize the concern that many feel, we  periodically ask our web developers to run a ‘cookie audit’ on the software that we run, and will publish the information here in an effort to be completely open:

Date of last audit: August 2012

The following are cookies  that we use:

Cookies table

Cookies: Global Integration site

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a third party tool created by Google to track visitors to the website, and helps us understand how the website is being used, and to identify where we need to improve user experience. A number of cookies are used by Google to track visitors across the website, and repeat visits. No sensitive data is stored in the cookie. The cookie is stored in persistent storage on the visitor’s machine and expires after 24 months.


AddThis is a third party tool created by AddThis that allows us to measures social activity on the site (how they interact with the Social Media Buttons). This helps us understand how the website is being used and let’s us know if we need to improve our ‘sharability’. It can be used for behavioural advertising purposes, but we don’t carry advertising on this site. The cookie is stored in persistent storage on the visitor’s machine and expires after 12 months. (It may be useful for you to know that AddThis provides the facility for visitors to opt out of their ‘Targeted Advertising’ on the internet.)

A ‘session cookie’ is used on this website to support the Shop and integration with the shopping channel. This cookie is session based and expires when the user closes their browser, or after 20 minutes of inactivity on the site. This cookie is critical for the running of the site. If disabled, a number of features would cease to function.


A cookie is used on the website to support the Twitter social button and to collect information on usage, such as IP address, browser type, referring web page, pages visited and interactions with the social button. The cookie is stored in persistent storage on the visitor’s machine and expires after 24 months.

You Tube

A cookie is used to support the You Tube embedded videos that are used on the website. It is used to store data about a user’s computer and the user to improve the site experience. The cookie is stored in persistent storage on the visitor’s machine and expires after 10 years.

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