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T.H.Ong Vice President, Asia and Americas

T.H.Ong joined Global Integration in September 2003, and is currently spearheading Global Integration’s growth in Asia as Asian companies expand into new territories. An expert practitioner in organizational effectiveness, change management, performance management, leadership development and employee training, T.H. is also a strong HR generalist.

Born in Singapore, with native fluency in American English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese and life experiences in several countries that span the East-West divide, T.H. puts his case of identity crisis to good use when working with his diverse client base.

When he is not helping his clients close a culture gap or build a remote team, he is an avid diver exploring the oceans of the world where all humans are considered a cross-cultural specimen.

T. H. Ong has provided business consulting and training services for a global initiative in my organization. What I appreciate about him is his willingness to help me serve my internal clients through pre-training preparation, conference calls, follow up e-mails. His ability to connect with the audience is one of his greatest strengths. He is a consumate professional and clearly understands the principle of delivering ‘stellar service’. His scores on our training surveys are some of the highest of all the programs we have delivered.

International Management Experience

T.H. has lived and worked extensively in both the U.S. and the Asia Pacific region. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering, and an MBA majoring in HR & International Business.

He has extensive experience in international human resource and management/leadership development roles in the chemical, FMCG, energy and industrial sectors.

An extensive working background in corporations of different scale and industries gives T.H. an intimate perspective on challenges and concerns faced by executives and leaders on the frontline. He has provided leadership to HR and HRD functions towards building partnerships with business units across companies with a geographically diverse workforce. His consulting career has equipped him with expertise and experience in facilitating business functions in integrating strategy, structure, systems and skill-sets across a complex global environment.


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Conference speaking

All of  Global Integration’s senior consultants can deliver engaging keynote speeches, workshops and and seminars to add valuable content and skilled facilitation to your events. Please contact us to find out more.

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Last Updated March 2014


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