Key consultants

Joff Marshall-Lee Director, Europe

Joff started working with Global Integration in 2011, and prior to his work as a trainer and coach, he gained extensive international experience in the real estate, finance and accountancy sectors.

Joff aims to bring a unique and buzzing blend of energy, excitement, and sincere professionalism into all his training programmes. He strongly believes that it’s far easier to learn and develop if you’re enjoying yourself.

In addition to a high level of participation and interactivity, Joff has a keen focus on the application of any content from a training session. He achieves this both during the session as well as in any subsequent follow-up sessions.

Joff has believes strongly in the use of virtual delivery platforms as well as face to face training. He has extensive experience in using platforms such as WebEx, Lync, Adobe Connect and MS LiveMeeting, and has used his skills to train a large number of facilitators worldwide to use these platforms in an engaging and effective way.

International Management Experience

Ever since he started studying languages at school, Joff has been passionate about engaging with different cultures and languages across the globe. He studied French, German and Spanish at Durham University, and facilitates training sessions in English, Spanish and French – ha also speaks conversationally fluent German.

Now based in rural Hampshire in the UK, Joff has lived and worked in Spain, Mexico, France and Germany.  During his career as a Chartered Surveyor, he immersed himself in a number of different property sectors, managing projects and people within the UK as well as in continental Europe and India. His first experience as a trainer in 2008 made him realise that his passion was really people, not properties.

He has facilitated training programmes for clients such as Amex, Deutsche Bank, ExxonMobil, GSK, HP, Nike, RBS, SAP and Telefonica, and has experience training people at all organizational levels, from graduates and front-line staff up to board level.

He facilitates programmes on topics such as “Skills for Matrix Working”, “Remote and Virtual Teams”, and “Tools for Cross Cultural Success”, amongst others.  He always aims to tailor the solution to the specific needs of each client, even though many of their development areas are not exclusive to their organisation.

When not busy running or preparing training sessions, Joff embraces the natural world by cycling, hiking, skiing and sailing, and involves his little son in these wherever possible. He tries to combine this with his passion for food and wine whenever possible.

Comments on Joff’s work

“I have been on many leadership courses before, but none as energising, intriguing, inspiring and thought provoking. Joff was/is great and the rest of the group was also excellent.”

“What an eye-opener. Joff Marshall-Lee was our instructor [in this webinar], and he did a formidable job leading us through the process, capturing our attention and engaging us for over two hours, and inspiring us to do the same with our future clients.”

“I wanted to tell you how much you are appreciated by so many of us here. It’s a pleasure to have you as a part of this team and your commitment to world class delivery has served so well over the years.”

“Most interactive online training I´ve ever had – big thanks to Joff – and thanks for the super positive and motivating atmosphere in a group where nobody knew the others.”

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