Associated Consultants

Martin O’Connor

Associate Consultant, Global Integration

A graduate in English and Classics, Martin O’Connor’s career has included senior roles in international corporate communications and business development, particularly within the telecoms and IT industries.

He has worked in the US, Europe and Asia, and been based in places such as Singapore, Brussels, Atlanta, Hong Kong and Beijing. He has particularly strong experience in partnerships and joint ventures in Asia.

Martin has studied Mandarin and worked in Hong Kong for the CEO of one of Asia’s biggest telecommunications companies.

While he cites his family as his number one interest, Martin is an avid fan of most sports. He is particularly keen on rugby and football, both of which he played for over 15 years with, as he says himself, ‘a complete lack of any distinction whatsoever’.

He can often be spotted on the lakes of Ireland, pursuing his dream of catching a pike over the weight of 30 pounds (14 kilos) – an ambition which he refuses to believe may well take the same route as his sporting career.

Martin O’Connor is an associate consultant at Global Integration. Find out more: About Global Integration consultants





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