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Proven principles for designing and refining your matrix organization structure

In the last two decades, Global Integration has worked with over 300 of the world’s leading organizations in more than 40 countries. Over 100,000 participant days of training on matrix, virtual and global working means we’ve learned a lot about the practical aspects of making complex organization structures really work.  (Find out more here:


Our insights come from a deep understanding of how these structures influence how people actually work.

"matrix structure consulting"Our consulting focus:

  • Making sure the structure is used only when it really adds value – many organizations take the matrix structure too far.
  • Clarifying the goals behind introducing a matrix organization and identifying the simplest structure and integrating mechanisms for achieving this goal.
  • Identifying and building the “soft structure” of networks, communities, teams and groups that need to be in place to ensure success.
  • Building the skills that people need to operate this more complex structure successfully through training and skill development.
  • Identifying the people management processes that can support or inhibit matrix working – for example in objective setting and compensation.

We work primarily with senior leaders, organizational development (OD) and human resources (HR) specialists to apply these insights to the design of their matrix organizations, or to help them refine their structure to make it more effective.

We work with organizational development, learning and development (L&D), talent management and senior line managers to build the capabilities and confidence of their people in matrix management and team and personal effectiveness.

In some cases, if we can build the mindset and skillset that enables flexibility and breaks down the traditional silos, together we may be able to meet our goals without having the complexity of dual reporting.

Consulting practise

Organizations like McKinsey or Bain offer formal structure consultancy. They will work with you in detail on your strategy, role definition and organization charts, but tend not to focus on implementation.

Our sole focus is in making the matrix work in practice. Our practical tools have emerged through working with hundreds of organizations and thousands of participants. We bring the process tools, learning from other organizations, tips and experience that you can apply to build the structure that really achieves your goals.

How we deliver our matrix management consulting

Our delivery can include working with organizational development or HR specialists or engaging with senior leaders either through one-to-one consultations or collective workshops to identify their key challenges to design practical solutions that work, tailored for the people within their organization.

These consultations and workshops typically focus on:

  • Being clear about your goals – why matrix?
  • Where specifically does this matrix way of working add value to your business?
  • What is the simplest integrating mechanism you can use to achieve your goals?
  • How to align structure to strategy, systems and skills.
  • How to communicate your structure in a way that improves adoption and engagement.
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls of a matrix implementation and change management program.
  • Where are dual reporting lines appropriate, and where not?
  • How can we build the mindset and skill set required for matrix success?
  • How to create goal and role clarity and alignment.
  • How to manage influence without authority and accountability without control.

Strategic communication and skill building are critical to the success of a matrix organization structure. We can bring learning from other organizations and practical process tools to help you design your communication and training and we can also support you directly by running launch events that build high levels of engagement and confidence in this new way of working, to head off some of the common pitfalls in a matrix implementation.

Why not…..?

  • Request our white paper on matrix management, or our landmark ‘matrix organizations’ article.
  • Join our ‘LinkedIn ‘matrix management’ group to join the conversation and share ideas with others interested in this field.

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Last update: July 2014

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