Matrix management

Matrix management

Ideas, training & consulting for people who lead, manage or work in matrix, cross functional or networked organization structures

Multiple bosses, competing goals, managing people in a complex organization.

Traditional organizations were structured ’vertically‘ around functions and geography

But work is becoming more ‘horizontal’. We need cross functional teams to deliver complex products and services. We work with global customers and supply chains. More integrated international functions and business processes mean that we are working routinely with colleagues in different locations, cultures and business units.

This kind of cross-functional, cross-business unit and multiple location working is now the norm in complex companies.

Global Integration offers training at all levels within organizations. We bring new ideas, practical skills and proven tools for managing yourself and others in complex, matrixed and networked organizations.

Senior  leaders The role of senior  leaders is critical to the success or failure of the any organization.  Management at this level involves creating clarity, modelling the key behaviours and setting the tone. (Find out more)

The ‘Matrix middle’ – Leaders in the heart of the organization have multiple reporting lines and competing goals. They are critical to the success of this complex way of working and require specific management skills to be successful in this complex environment. If we don’t build the capabilities here, we will experience high levels of escalation and frustration. (Find out more)

Cooperation – In addition to the typical virtual team challenges, teams may have the additional dynamics of members reporting to multiple managers with competing goals and demands on their time. As these cross functional, cross geography and cross business unit teams become the norm in complex organizations, we need to ensure that our skills are adapted to this new environment. (Find out more)

Personal Effectiveness – Individuals working within a matrix structure need different personal effectiveness skills to perform well. People at all levels need to learn the skills to create role and objectives alignment, manage multiple bosses, cooperate effectively and understand how to overcome the daily dilemmas and challenges that this can bring. A lack of these skills can lead to delay, cost and dissatisfaction. (Find out more)

It is clear that I had not kept the balance of control and autonomy up to date in my team. They had more experience now and were quite capable of making decisions, but I had not changed the way I managed them. We used the ‘waterline’ concept to redefine the balance. I now get far fewer calls at home: people make local decisions themselves, much faster. (Operations Manager, Financial Services)

Support to OD (organizational development), communication and change processes.

We specialize in the implementation of the matrix and in the training required for this way of working to be successful. We work with organizational development specialists to consider the implications of their structural choices on how people work together, build skills and confidence and head off some of the common pitfalls and challenges.

We also help clients craft their internal communication and initial workshops to make sure that the new organization is well received, and understood at an early stage.


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Last updated: April 2013 

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