The Speed Lead® process

Faster, simpler ways to manage people, projects and teams in complex companies

Successful companies grow and as they grow, they become more complex. They recruit more diverse people in more locations, they expand internationally, they develop more complex products and services. Their organization structures develop to reflect their internal and external complexity.

This complexity comes at a price – complexity can cause delay, additional cost and dissatisfaction.

Participants in our workshops tell us they spend an average of two days per week in meetings and 50% of the content is irrelevant, 75% or more of e-mails are irrelevant. Internal controls and constraints cause delay, escalation and additional cost.

Companies often respond by increasing teamwork and communication, working harder and spending more and more on travel. These are not the answer, and can often make things worse.

Global Integration’s Speed Lead process is based around the book, Speed Lead® (Faster, simpler ways to manage people, projects and teams in complex companies) by our CEO, Kevan Hall. It contains a systematic program for speeding up and simplifying the way people work together in complex, matrix, virtual and global organizations.

We can benchmark your organization against some typical time stealers to see how you compare, and to create specific improvement targets.

Our Speed Lead® process focuses on four key areas:

Simplifying cooperation

There is too much cooperation going on in most complex companies. Our clients tell us they spend 40% of their time in meetings and less than half of this time is worthwhile.

Speed Lead® introduces simpler and more focused ways of working to speed up delivery of results, save time, reduce cost and increase satisfaction with teamwork, meetings and conference calls.

Streamlining communication

Lack of communication is a problem of the past. Our clients tell us they receive far too much poor quality communication. Speed Lead helps you to master your communication technology and reduce the volume and improve the quality of communication.

Decentralizing control

Real control must be fast and close to the action. Our systematic management process for building capability and applying control at the right level can help organizations deliver faster through more capable people and more decentralized decision making and actions.

Lean communities

Far too much attention is paid to teambuilding and not enough to new forms of community. Global Integration can help construct the types of community you need to make cooperation more cost effective.

Why not….?

If you are interested in becoming a licensed Speed LeadTM Consultant please contact us.

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Last updated November 2012

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