Personal effectiveness and management skills for individuals and teams working from home at last part of their time - usually delivered virtually

When we or our people are working from home we need new ways of working to reflect and benefit from this reality.

Working from home means;

  • getting set up – knowing what advantages and challenges to expect
  • connecting to your WFH community, preventing social isolation
  • balancing productivity with resilience – sustainable working from home
  • managing work and home boundaries and routines
  • applying the principles and practices of great remote collaboration
  • managing too many virtual meetings and a lack of online engagement
  • maintaining your personal effectiveness
  • maintaining trust and team spirit when we may not be able to meet
  • staying visible when working remotely
  • finding the right balance of trust and control
woman working from home

Before COVID 19 approximately 5% of the workforce were already working from home. Many more people had their first experience of an extended period of working from home and saw both the advantages and challenges of this way of working. Latest estimates are that around 30% will be working from home at least one day per week for the next couple of years. This is accelerating an existing trend for more flexible working and is likely to lead to a permanent increase in home working and mixed home and office working.

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Training to improve your working from home skills

Working from home will be a reality for many of us for the foreseeable future. In some cases this will only be for part of the week, in others full time.

We have produced some free short videos to support people new to working from home during the COVID 19 crisis.

We are working with clients with 4 key priorities right now in working from home, we are calling them NORM.

  • New to working from home – large scale webinars to give people insights, tools and reassurance to make the at home working experience more positive, pleasant and productive
  • Online meetings – training people to design and run much more interactive and participative online meetings and to deal with a sharp increase in the number of online meeting requests.
  • Remote management training for managers managing people remotely
  • Maintain community and cope with social isolation – support to people and teams working from home

The steps to more complex collaboration. Explore our learning paths and individual modules.

Click on any of the modules on the interactive graphic below to see a more detailed description of the content and download a copy of our bite sized learning brochure.

We have highlighted in pink the modules we think are most relevant to this topic but you may see other modules that are relevant to your specific situation. You can take the whole highlighted learning path or choose just the specific modules you need right now to build a unique learning path tailored to your needs.

Educate yourself further on virtual teams with our comprehansive online resources.

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People and Purpose in a Complex World Modules

Finding purpose, engagement and success in a complex world and mastering mastering the people aspects of succeeding in a fast moving agile and digital environment.

Matrix Management Modules

In matrix management, higher levels of ambiguity, competing goals, accountability without control and influence without authority become the norm. Decisions and collaboration become more complex.

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