Why constant reorganizations destroy matrix management

A matrix organization structure solves nothing. It is just a reflection of internal and external complexity. The matrix structure acknowledges that there are multiple and sometimes competing priorities and  shows them in the reporting structure of the organization.

Whether that structure succeeds or fails is dependent on matrix management – how well people work together in the structure, and this is the part of introducing or operating a matrix that is often neglected.


Life in a matrix 4 -  constant reorganization

If there are problems in any structure, companies have a tendency to reorganize. In a reorganization we tend to disrupt the networks of people and relationships that were established to make the old structure work, roles change and experience is lost.

This is bad enough in a traditional organization structure but in a matrix, not only does changing the structure rarely help, (as we have seen the structure itself solves nothing) but it makes things worse because networks are how things really get done in a matrix structure.

Leave your structure alone and let the networks and matrix management skills develop. Constant reorganization makes things worse.

Does your company reorganize a lot?

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