Streamlining Cooperation – More focused teams and fewer, better meetings & calls

Welcome to this training package from Global Integration, specialists in people management in complex, matrix, virtual and global organizations.

As organizations become more complex, they become more connected. People work on multiple virtual teams, have more than one reporting line and require complex networks of relationships to get things done.

In this environment, it is common for there to be too much unfocused cooperation, which can lead to an increase in the number of meetings, conference calls and other forms of communication, much of which may not be directly relevant to us doing our jobs.

This package will take you through a two-part process.

  • Part one – More focused teams – will introduce the concepts and some alternatives to traditional teamwork and will help you work through specifically where you really need to cooperate and to identify the most effective modes of working in virtual and matrix teams.

You will apply this methodology to your own team, regular meetings and conference calls. The output of this should be a clear understanding of where you do – and do not – need to work collectively.

  • Part two  – Fewer, better meetings and calls – will introduce principles for organizing and increasing participation and involvement in meetings and calls with the objective of having fewer, better meetings.

You will apply this methodology to improving the agenda and participation in your own team, regular meetings and conference calls.

The output of this should be a reduction in number of meetings and calls, more focused agendas for the ones that remain and higher levels of participation and engagement.

In each part of the package you will have access to either video or podcast giving information about the concepts and tools and exercises to work through for your team.

The content in the podcasts and videos are the same. They are provided in different formats as some countries and organizations do not allow access to YouTube, which hosts the videos. The podcasts may be listened to live on this site or downloaded to your computer or MP3 device for your personal use only.

Do this now

  • Before listening to the videos/podcasts please download the participant log by clicking here. (File size: 926KB PDF file). You will need a copy of this as you access the video or podcast, as this document is referred to throughout.
  • Please read the introduction on Pages 3 to 6 of the participant’s log before you go any further.

Streamlining Cooperation – Part 1: More focused teams

After downloading the participants guide above and reading the introduction please either watch the video or listen to the podcast below. They run for approximately 15 minutes.


If you cannot access YouTube then you will find the same content here as a podcast that you can listen to live on this site or download to your own computer or any device that can play MP3 files for your personal use only.

Click here for the first podcast: Streamlining-cooperation-part-1

Please complete the exercises in these materials before moving on to Part 2 as it builds on the outputs from these.

Streamlining Cooperation – Part 2: Fewer, better, meetings and calls

After you have completed the exercises in Part 1 please read the introduction to Part 2 on page 13 of your participant’s log before watching either the 10 minute video or podcast content below:

Again, if you cannot access YouTube you can get the same content in this podcast

Click here for the second podcast streamlining-cooperation-part-2

Once you have completed Part 2,  you should have:

  • a clear understanding of where you do, and do not, need to work as a team;
  • ideas on how to reduce the number and/or length of your regular meetings and calls;
  • more focused agendas for the ones that remain;
  • a plan for higher levels of participation and engagement in your regular meetings and calls.

**Please prepare and take your ideas along to the meeting or call scheduled by your manager to discuss this topic.**

Good luck applying these ideas, all of the value is n the implementation! We love to hear your comments, questions and experiences of applying these materials, please leave us a comment below – we will always respond. You can also contact us direct at

Copyright– These PDFs, video and audio materials are copyright Global Integration, and are only for use by people who have purchased a  license for their use. Please respect our copyright by not circulating links or these materials to anyone who has not purchased a license. If you think these materials would be useful to a colleague, please ask them to contact for details.

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