Our 2018 Client Satisfaction Survey

It’s the time of year for our annual client satisfaction survey. The results are always keenly anticipated by the team and announced at our global team meeting.

Our objective is to continue to improve the way we work with and listen to our clients. The scores are now in and we are delighted that both scores have improved.

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) asks “How likely is it that you would recommend Global Integration to a friend or colleague?” NPS has improved from 66 to 77% – anything above 70 is considered world class. We have zero detractors (nobody scored 7 or less).

It is not the scores themselves, but what you do with them, we are particularly pleased that, of the small number of improvement areas mentioned in 2017, none have been mentioned in 2018, we worked hard to try to improve in these areas, so it was great that this was noticed.

Our Customer Effort Score (CES) asks “How easy are we to work with as a partner? “this also went up from 92% to 95%. We always try to be “low maintenance” and easy to work with and it looks like our customers noticed.

NPS and CES are two of the most widely used and best validated measures of customer satisfaction.

We still have a couple of suggestions on areas to work on in 2019 and we will do so. We also know that standards are always improving and everything needs to improve every year.

Thank you to those of you who participated in the survey. We will contact you all individually to see if there is anything we can do to make the experience even better for you in 2019.

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