New vision, new website

At our last global team meeting we took some time to review our purpose and vision. The spur to do this was a continuing evolution in the work we do and the feedback we received from our clients and participants. We took the time to reflect on this and also to think about what motivated us and made us feel most proud about our work.

Several of us have had similar feedback from participants recently, particularly with clients moving to more complex ways of working in a matrix or global environment, that our work really inspired them to try something different and gave them much more confidence to take ownership for their roles. This was very motivating to us and made the work we were doing even more worthwhile as we can see a visible impact on people very quickly.

Traditionally we focused on our content expertise in creating and delivering practical and actionable tools that people can use to get things done -and this remains important.

We also looked at the evolution of the organisations we are working with. Most are global, all operate virtually and many have complex organisation structures such as the matrix or network organisation. They have increasing interest in digital which is accelerating the moves to a more lateral and cross functional way of working.

Many of our clients come to us for our expertise in matrix management, but some others are put off by the word “matrix.” The skills of working in a cross functional, multiple team, complex stakeholder organisation are very similar irrespective of what one calls it or the formal organization structure.

Increasingly we are getting organisations to move beyond a focus on structure and hierarchy into just finding ways to get the necessary work done, irrespective of reporting lines.

When we tried to encapsulate this environment we came up with “the increasingly connected organisation”, we liked this because it gave a sense of the continuing evolution over time that we are seeing in our clients.

So our new vision is “inspiring and enabling people to succeed in the increasingly connected organisation.”

We think this encapsulates what we do with our clients and it reminds us to keep a balance between building inspiration and confidence and giving people the skills and tools to enable them to succeed.

Our new website is built around this proposition – we retain our expertise in matrix management, virtual teams and global working as these are the areas that people knows us for and attract people to the site. Over time you will see more content which includes a digital dimension.

We’ve also expanded on the three key areas where we are supporting our clients

  • working with senior leaders leading the transformation to a more connected and integrated way of working
  • building the capability and confidence people need to succeed in this complex environment
  • embedding sustainable new ways of working such as how we meet, decide and travel at scale across the organisation

For those of you who only know us as a provider of capability and skill building we would be happy to tell you more about the work we doing in these other areas. The new website begins this process.

We also know that the new site gives a better mobile user experience. About 25% of the visitors to our site are mobile and the existing site was not easy to navigate in this format. We are pleased that the testing of the site with Google analytics has increased rating from “not mobile friendly” for the old site to “awesome” for the new site 🙂

We hope you find the new site informative and useful – please take a look around. It would help if you could share a couple of pages to get Google excited about it too.

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