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Matrix management bounces back

Unsurprisingly, during the early stages of the global lockdown we saw a strong upsurge in interest in home working and remote management training and running effective online meetings. We expected that would be the pattern the next few months and have been surprised at the strength of demand for matrix management training.

In past recessions we have seen an upturn in matrix management interest only after companies have restructured and increased their need to integrate and share resources across the organisation. This time it seems that people have not waited for formal organisation change but need to get started straight away.

Several of the companies who contacted us recently already had a matrix in place, but the imperatives of the forthcoming recession mean that they now really need to execute on cross functional and cross business unit initiatives fast.

They had a matrix on paper, now they really need one in practise.

We run both bespoke and off the shelf matrix training. To give you an idea of the typical challenges, our matrix management learning path is made up of our eight most popular bite-sized 90 minute modules.

  • Welcome to the matrix – For people new to navigating multiple buses, teams and stakeholders. What should you expect to change? (See details of  a free sample of this below)
  • Embracing ambiguity – rapid change makes clarity difficult – learn how to create your own clarity and thrive with ambiguity
  • Managing multiple bosses – managing multiple reporting lines, teams or stakeholders means owning and communicating your own clarity and priorities
  • Influence without authority – influence is more powerful than authority. Get to “yes” when you do not have formal power and control
  • Accountability without control – get things done when you do not control the resources
  • Streamline collaboration – unfocused collaboration means everyone is involved in everything. Save time through more selective teamwork, fewer meetings, and faster decisions
  • Fewer, better meetings – avoid bad meetings and cut out unnecessary content
  • Meaningful meetings – deliver results through shorter, more relevant, and engaging meetings

All of them can be delivered face to face (in normal times) via interactive web seminar or online learning. Nearly all of our programs are currently being delivered through live interactive web seminars. They are ready to run making them convenient, easy to administer and cost effective.

Check out the interactive graphic of our matrix learning path and click on the modules to see more details about the content of each.

You can take short online learning programs on welcome to the matrix (a free sample) and paid programs on influence without authority and creating clarity at our ecommerce site here.

See more of our insights on matrix management including our books, blogs and free whitepapers and webinar.

If you don’t see what you need please let us know, we have been training in this area for 25 years so we have lots more content and can quickly put together something tailored to your specific needs.

If you need to really make your matrix work, please get in touch.

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