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meetings energy blog picPeople spend a lot of time in meetings…too much time!

Participants in our training programs tell us they spend two days a week in meetings and that half of it is irrelevant.

If it’s 40% of your time, then the quality and energy of those meetings is a really important part of your life – over a full career you could spend 30 years in meetings, more than 12 of them wasted!

As part of our 20th birthday celebrations, we decided to share for free some of the materials that we’ve developed for cutting down the number and improving the quality of online and off-line meetings. During the campaign we will show you ways to cut down the number of meetings that you attend, and how to shorten and improve the ones that remain.

Too many meetings are about giving information or the passive consumption of PowerPoint presentations. We will show you how to cut out these topics and replace them with much more engaging and active meetings, which focus on decision-making and co-creation.

We all know that meetings are a problem, but it can also be hard to make a change. Your management colleagues may expect to attend meetings so they can feel involved. They may attend to improve their visibility or to build their network instead of to actually get the work done.

Join the Beter Meetings Campaign here and start creating meetings that create energy rather than destroying it: CAMPAIGN FOR BETTER MEETINGS

We are also running a Better Meetings survey, you can take it here and find out how you compare with other organizations: meetings survey.

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