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Each day this week we’ll be taking readers through our new website. Yesterday we took a look through the new Global Working section of the site. Today we look at the ‘How we Deliver‘ section.

On our old site this section was a little tucked away. We usually talk about our training and consulting ideas rather than about ourselves. It was only when we started to look at the ways we deliver in order to write the new text for this site that we realised how much flexibility has been built into our DNA.

In this new section you can read about the more commonplace, training delivery methods that we offer: face to face delivery and web based training. But while they’re familiar, we hope you’ll be able to see the difference we deliver.

Less usually, we also offer ‘Training the Trainer’ courses, enabling in house teams to deliver some of our course content to a high standard. We can also apply our thought leadership through both consulting in our specialist areas (the ‘people’ elements of global, matrix and virtual working), and through our efficiency building ‘Speed Lead’ process.

Running through everything we do, like print through a stick of candy, are high levels of engagement. We work hard to ensure that our training leaves participants with really practical tools to take away, rather than dry theory.  So it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise to find out that we also help others design and deliver their own events and training in a more engaging way.

There are only a few more ways that we could possibly deliver what we do – and of course we’re already ‘on the case’ (working on it).  Stay tuned to find out more!

At the side of each page is an easy to complete form that lets you ask for more information, quickly and easily with no obligation.

Whether as part of a change management programme, as a leadership programme, or even simply as much needed coaching, however we adapt our material to suit customers needs, we give it our all. So we’re delighted that our new site helps showcase some of that. (There are some case studies on the site as well – do take a look.)

As it was designed with you in mind, we hope that as a reader, you’ll enjoy this new section of our site, and find it easier to get to the information you need. And, of course, you may enjoy the pictures of some of the sessions the team has run.

We’d value your feedback, and if there’s anything more you’d like to see here, we’d love to hear about it.



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