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Hybrid working videos – Available now

As the hybrid return to the office gathers pace, though at uneven speeds around the world, we are delivering hundreds of workshops to help with the practical implications of introducing hybrid working. As part of this we have developed 17 new short videos (2-4 minutes each) to add to our online learning suite.

These videos can be used to get the concepts across to large groups of people quickly, and to stimulate discussion on the implications of hybrid working.

The videos fall into three groups

  • Leading the conversation about flexible working
  • Leading hybrid teams
  • Engaging Hybrid Meetings

Leading the conversation about flexible working

The first 6 videos are designed to help structure a conversation between a leader and their team on how to establish and refine the best hybrid pattern of work for their circumstances.

They can be used to prepare leaders to lead this conversation, or can be shown to all team members to stimulate conversation and lead to a practical discussion within the team on what hybrid pattern of work will work best for them.

  • Leading a conversation about flexible working – Introduction
  • Processing what we have learned about virtual and hybrid working?
  • Constraints and boundaries to our pattern of work
  • Understanding our constraints and boundaries to our pattern of work
  • Organizing our work for hybrid
  • Deciding what work we should do where?
  • Aligning and communicating our hybrid pattern of work with other teams

Leading hybrid teams

The second group is 4 short videos based around some common leadership challenges in hybrid working

  • Avoiding Proximity bias and differential treatment
  • Planning your spontaneous communication
  • Building a hybrid communication heartbeat
  • Establishing a new balance of control and autonomy

We are already working on extending this series into more hybrid leadership topics

Engaging Hybrid Meetings

The third group of videos focuses on what is different about hybrid meetings, and how we need to change our meetings practises to cope with the reality where some people are in the room and others are joining remotely

  • Time for a hybrid meetings reset?
  • When to not meet, meet virtually or in hybrid mode
  • Keeping the best of your virtual meeting practices
  • Ensuring equality of contribution in hybrid meetings
  • Planning engaging hybrid meetings
  • Checking in with satellite participants at hybrid meetings

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And of course we run live webinar (and even face-to-face) training in all of these topics- see more about our hybrid working training.

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