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About Global Integration

Hi, I’m Kevan Hall, CEO of Global Integration. We are specialists in three things – matrix management, virtual teams and global working.

We provide ideas, training and consulting services to major companies around the world. Our focus is on the skills and capabilities that leaders, teams and individuals need to be successful in these complex, matrixed, virtual and global organizations.

We asked our clients around the world why they chose to work with us. They told us they were five key reasons.

1. We are thought Leaders

We developed the world’s first commercially available matrix management, virtual teams, and speed leadership training programs.

We try to be very open about our ideas and you will find videos, podcasts and articles throughout our website that illustrate our approach. If you like our ideas we hope you will contact us and talk to one of our specialists about how we could help your team or organization.

We are flexible in how we deliver this capability through face-to-face workshops, licensing of in-house trainers, video, webinars and a whole range of delivery mechanisms.

We are relentlessly focused; we specialize in matrix management, virtual teams and global working and concentrate on them 100% of the time. We have a broad range of existing intellectual property and can quickly put together something tailored to your needs without high levels of development cost.

2. We deliver real business benefits

Organizations that use our ideas, training and consulting find real business benefits:

  • Teams & projects deliver results up to 25% faster.
  • Organizations become easier and more cost effective to run. For example, travel and unnecessary communication costs are cut by 10% and more.
  • Job satisfaction improves with higher levels of confidence and capability.

Return on investment (ROI) is fast. The typical participant only needs to save one business trip or cancel a two hour meeting in the whole of the rest of their career to achieve payback on a training program.

3. We have credible ideas, clients and people

Since 1994 Global Integration has delivered over 100,000 participant days of training and consulted with over 300 major multinationals in more than 40 countries.

Our clients are the world’s leading companies; so we can share learning and experience about what really works from a range of industry sectors, cultures and organizations.

Our people have all been successful managers in complex, matrix, virtual and global companies. They have personal experience of living or working in more than one country for major multinationals. They are expert facilitators with strong process and communication skills and are experienced in facilitating around the world at all levels of organizations.

Our ideas are practical and actionable. They have been tested and applied in the world’s leading organizations around the world. What survives this process really does work.

4. We deliver globally – Global Integration can deliver training and consulting globally – and consistently – using our own full-time people.

We don’t believe you can deliver a world-class service or training program if you only deliver it once or twice per year. Many organizations in our industry deliver through a large network of self-employed consultants who occasionally cooperate on projects. We use full time specialists in this field who deliver our materials regularly.

Global Integration have full-time people based in Europe, North America and Asia so you can engage with an expert in your region and time zone.

5. We are easy to work with – we aim to be “low maintenance” and establish long term mutual relationships with clients. Ours is a simple business and we’re passionate about keeping it that way.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with our  videos, podcasts and other resources on working in complex companies, please join one of our social networks. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (Matrix Management group).

In the meantime I wish you good luck and hope you found this video useful. Thank you.

A selection of videos focussed on our subject matter – rather than us! – is available on YouTube.

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