New white paper: Mastering virtual, matrix and digital teams

In the past few weeks our blogs have been giving you a teaser of the juicy insights packed in our new white paper: Mastering virtual, matrix and digital teams – which we officially launch today. You can download free copies of the entire white paper or a series of shorter summaries of the research at […]

Increase the quality of input in virtual teams: stop using ‘reply all’

From the co-located team in US that now has to deal with global expansion and offices opening in China and Japan; to swiftly formed transient project teams with members from all over the world who have to deliver a solution to a tricky challenge in a matter of months (or even days) without ever meeting […]

Multiple team working means professional sports are a poor guide to today’s teams

For the skills of leading and working in traditional teams, we often use sports metaphors and language. Indeed, some successful figures from the field of sports are paid large sums to lecture to business people on what they have learned in this environment, about the lessons of teamwork and how these lessons can be applied […]

Are we matrixed, virtual, global or what?

The term “matrix” seems to be growing. Strictly speaking a matrix is where we have more than one reporting line, whether solid or dotted. However, our clients are increasingly using the word matrix to describe the phenomenon of horizontal working – across business units, functions and geography. A recent discussion about this made me reflect […]