Conflict is good

Who is the most effective CEO? A few years ago Prof Morten Hansen and his colleagues set out to answer this question by analysing reams of stock market performance information and using this to create a ranked list of 2,000 CEOs from across the globe.  Unsurprisingly, Steve Jobs came out top, followed shortly by Jeff […]

Fewer, better meetings in matrix organizations

Our training participants in matrix organizations tell us they spend an average of two days per week in meetings and 50% of the content is irrelevant. The HR team in one global gaming giant we worked with were surprised when the results of an in-depth training needs analysis and training programme on thriving in the […]

Implementing your New Year’s resolutions

This is the time of year when many individuals set a resolution to change something in their lives. It may be a something like losing weight (simple in theory, if not in practice) or a more fundamental change in looking for a new job or changing the way they live. It’s remarkably hard to make […]

Why you should spend €50M improving your meetings

I was talking to a client recently who had been given the job of looking at how they could improve their meetings. Meetings are where most collaboration happens, and meetings also drive a lot of travel and they are where decision-making happens. If we can get our meetings to work then we have an impact […]

Why most cost-cutting initiatives fail to stick

An interesting article from McKinsey “Rethinking the rules of reorganization” finds that around 60% of companies in the S&P 500 had launched large-scale cost red uction initiatives in the past five years, however only 26% had successfully prevented cost from creeping back up In addition to some good practical advice on targeting reorganization and change, they […]

Lessons from Silicon Valley – Issue 1

Kevan Hall, CEO of Global Integration recently visited Silicon Valley to talk to some of the newer technology companies about their experiences of collaboration and creating integrated global organizations. It was an interesting experience on many levels. The limits of communicating through technology It was good to visit a booming sector and to learn about the particular challenges […]