Matrix management is the secret to great leadership development?

Matrix management often gets criticized for increasing complexity. Accountability without control, influence without authority and multiple team membership does have its challenges; but it looks like being exposed to these is the secret of a successful leadership career. A recent Harvard business review article quotes a Deloitte study of executives from more than 2,000 organisations. They […]

Why most cost-cutting initiatives fail to stick

An interesting article from McKinsey “Rethinking the rules of reorganization” finds that around 60% of companies in the S&P 500 had launched large-scale cost red uction initiatives in the past five years, however only 26% had successfully prevented cost from creeping back up In addition to some good practical advice on targeting reorganization and change, they […]

Less clarity, more uncertainty please

People working in a matrix organization often feel as if their goals and roles are less clear than they were in the past. Companies spend a lot of time following a matrix management implementation using RACI analysis, role sort and job descriptions to try and restore clarity. In fact we’ve learned this is a trap. […]