Accountability without control – learning from Dubai

I have been visiting Dubai for nearly 20 years now for both business and pleasure and was there again in the last month working with a group of high potential managers on some of the challenges of managing accountability without control in an international matrix organization in the region. As always I was struck by the […]

The difference between leadership and management in virtual teams?

I am not a great fan of the debate about the difference between leadership and management, but I just got asked about it again in one of our virtual team workshops and it prompted this blog. I see many definitions of the difference, mostly around the manager’s job being to plan, organize and coordinate and the […]

Matrix management is the secret to great leadership development?

Matrix management often gets criticized for increasing complexity. Accountability without control, influence without authority and multiple team membership does have its challenges; but it looks like being exposed to these is the secret of a successful leadership career. A recent Harvard business review article quotes a Deloitte study of executives from more than 2,000 organisations. They […]

Lessons from Silicon Valley – Issue 3

Reducing involvement to cope with complexity Having recently visited Silicon Valley, Kevan Hall, CEO of Global Integration shares his experiences. On my visit to the San Fransisco area it was interesting to observe the latest wave of great tech companies experiencing some of the familiar challenges as they grow and become more complex. In a […]