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Productive coffee breaks

British development charity NESTA blogged yesterday about its coffee trials in an article called Institutionalising Serendipity via  Productive Coffee Breaks. This kind of serendipity is something we (Global Integration) monitor, study and train people to manage, because you lose this in a virtual team environment – or anywhere where you’re not sat close to the […]

Leadership Challenges in Global Virtual Teams

Continuing our series of ‘Matrix Monday’ reviews of papers and literature, Global Integration consultant Rod Farnan takes a closer look at Leadership Challenges in Global Virtual Teams: Lessons from the Field, a paper by Kenneth W.Kerber & Anthony F.Buono.  This article is a review of global virtual working using a real case study of the […]

As 2012 gets into full gear…

At the end of 2011, we asked the team what they thought 2012 would bring. This was the response from training consultant Rod Farnan. In 2011, every market segment was adjusting to the new economic situation. Almost every segment I am working in is now moving to a virtual matrix organization model. There is a […]

Coping with Recovery

We live in an age where we need to equip people for tomorrow’s corporate life, not just to do the tasks they were brought in to complete.Global Integration argues that the duty of companies is to equip people to deal with this new state of affairs and to face up to the challenges.