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What’s in a Word?

About 100,000 GBP, when the word is banned from the boardroom. Organizations we work with are often undergoing transformations, and we recently found ourselves in another period of transition with one of our customers. Typically, organizational change equates to de-prioritising training, even though the skills you acquire might make you better able to cope with […]

Review of Employee Engagement Toolkit

For today’s “Matrix Monday”, our regular look at some of the literature around matrix related topics, Phil Stockbridge reviews and summarises the Employee Engagement Toolkit from HRZONE.co.uk and Great Place to Work on behalf of our readers.  This easy-to-read guide offers the reader a useful summary of the latest thinking on engagement, with contributions from Cranfield, Pennsylvania […]

Virtual Teams: a Literature Review – reviewed

Consultant Phil Stockbridge takes a closer look at ” Virtual Teams; a Literature Review” by Nader Ale Ebrahim, Shamsuddin Ahmed and Zahari Taha – a review of a review! One of the strengths of the article is a massive – 5 pages – of references of the literature these researchers trawled through, although they missed […]

Global Management for Organizations

Phil Stockbridge blogs in response to a question posed to us by a business partner this week: The transition in an organization from multi-local or international to “Global” is often accompanied by the development of a truly international management cadre. In our books and previous blog posts, we have often referred to the “Global Group”. […]

Matrix management: recipe for chaos?

Using the link below, you can reach a summary of an article written by Numeros and Abrams in 2002. In its entirety, it makes fascinating reading. Firstly, it traces the origins of the matrix organization structure even further back than we had previously found references to. The authors contend that its origins trace back to […]

The Importance of Language in Global Teams: A Linguistic Perspective

In this week’s Matrix Monday post, Phil Stockbridge reviews “The Importance of Language in Global Teams: A Linguistic Perspective” by Chen,  Geluykens and Choi. One of the key messages I deliver to British participants in our workshops is the incredible advantage and the tremendous responsibilities they have as native English speakers  – the incredible advantage, that, as […]

On Toyota

  Phil Stockbridge, Director, Global Integration on the cross cultural issues faced by businesses in the North of England when dealing with Asian companies like Toyota Those who know me will know that I live in Burton in the north of England. Those that don’t can probably guess after a short look on line – […]