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Maybe technology isn’t the problem

On a workshop this week with a global IT consultancy I was running an exercise which has been part of our virtual team training for 20 years. In it, a small group of managers have a task which has to be executed involving a group of remote workers. We give the managers a 10 minute ‘travel […]

Managing the Interfaces

I was recently working with a client where some individuals were feeling like – in our words – Matrix Victims. Their company had transitioned from a family-owned and operated hierarchy into a matrix organization and they were feeling that they no longer had the ability to move quickly – one of the strengths they felt […]

Phil Stockbridge’s Great North Run

Our consultant Phil Stockbridge will again be swapping the training room for a pair of trainers, this time to undertake the BUPA Great North Run 2013, which takes place in the North of England on September 15, 2013. Over 50 thousand people will be running the picturesque 21km course (half marathon), which Phil describes as […]