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Introducing new apps and tools to your work

New technology is both a major driver of change, and an important enabler of agile collaboration and new ways of working. In the past we have often introduced new technologies without good training and support and been surprised that we haven’t got the full benefit of the investment. Today managers and professionals rely on an […]

Dealing with power in the matrix

A topic that rarely gets discussed openly in our workshops with clients is the role of power in the matrix. Maybe it’s a sensitive subject or it feels self serving to discuss it, but it is critical to the functioning of a healthy matrix. We usually have to prompt the discussion and many people are […]

Shared and emergent leadership

Hi I am in Copenhagen this week training with a client on leading in complexity. One of the topics that comes up regularly these days is how we can distribute leadership more deeply into our teams and organisation. We are often leading fast moving, cross functional teams or experts in a complex operating environment. It […]

Can the matrix be agile?

Hi I am Kevan Hall CEO of Global Integration. This week I am in beautiful Bad Homberg in Germany working with a client on leading in a matrix. A lot of our clients have used the matrix in recent years to centralise and seek global synergies. Many of them are now feeling they are not […]

The end of solid and dotted lines

On our matrix management training programs a lot of participants want to discuss the difference between solid and dotted line reporting relationships and how to manage multiple reporting lines. The idea is that a solid line reporting relationship is the primary one and the dotted line is a secondary and slightly less strong relationship. The […]

Autonomy for me, how about you?

Hi, I am in New York this week talking to a global services organization about some challenges in matrix management. We had a great discussion about autonomy and autonomous teams; everyone loves the idea of being part of an autonomous team. Operating free from interference with the authority to develop and implement your own solutions. […]

Do we have to be face to face to be agile?

Agile methodology stresses the importance of collocated teams who can work face to face and meet every morning. But do we really need to be face to face to be agile, and if so what are the consequences of this? There is no doubt that collocation can remove barriers to collaboration. Even with the many […]

Why I love a management fad

I love a management fad. I am unapologetic about this because I have seen a few and learned something useful from nearly all of them. The risk is that we either adopt them too superficially or too completely. I’ve been doing a lot of work recently on agile teams and accelerated iteration in digital working. Some […]