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It must be nice to be one dimensional

It’s great to focus and in life generally we see a lot of people who are focused and passionate about a single cause; such as stopping carbon emissions or eliminating road accidents. Now I am sure would all get behind these aims, but would we eliminate carbon at the expense of bringing billions of people […]

Six agile and digital leadership themes

Our agile and digital leadership training is based around five key themes that shape how ways of working are different in an agile and digital world the first is accelerated technology adoption – technology is changing fast and our ability to encourage and enable all individuals to use new technologies to collaborate in an agile […]

Agile principles over tools

Agile working is based around some key principles. It is obsessed with customers, it’s adaptable and experimental, emphasising rapid testing and learning. It focuses on keeping work transparent and delivering through small autonomous teams. It embeds the idea of eliminating waste and bureaucracy wherever possible Agile has also introduced a new language and set of […]

The two preconditions for autonomy

Autonomous teams are a central part of agile and digital working and most people love the idea of having more autonomy. However, there are risks, we would be foolish to give complete autonomy to people who aren’t clear about the goal or capable of delivering it. These are the 2 essential preconditions for giving autonomy. […]

What do autonomous teams do

Small, cross functional autonomous teams are at the heart of agile and digital working. Autonomy allows them to react fast and enables leadership to flow to people with the expertise to solve the problems. But what does autonomy really mean? When we talk about autonomy, we often think about being able to take decisions and […]

Shared and emergent leadership

In agile and digital teams, we need to move at rapid pace and are often managing complex issues with highly skilled colleagues. In this environment it’s hard for a single leader to keep up with everything. The different demands of leadership also require quite different skill sets. In agile methodology teams deal with this by […]

Removing the roadblocks to autonomy

When we introduce more autonomous teams and ways of working there are a number of key challenges that can get in the way. As leaders in this environment it’s our job to remove these roadblocks to allow autonomy to thrive. Here are the Top 5: The first is undue escalation – teams may escalate issues […]

People and culture drive digital transformation

When we think about digital transformation, we often think about the impact of technology enabling new business models. However, research and practice are showing that people and culture can be either a key enabler of success, or a major barrier to transformation. A McKinsey report in 2017 found that cultural and behavioural challenges were the […]

Introducing new apps and tools to your work

New technology is both a major driver of change, and an important enabler of agile collaboration and new ways of working. In the past we have often introduced new technologies without good training and support and been surprised that we haven’t got the full benefit of the investment. Today managers and professionals rely on an […]

Dealing with power in the matrix

A topic that rarely gets discussed openly in our workshops with clients is the role of power in the matrix. Maybe it’s a sensitive subject or it feels self serving to discuss it, but it is critical to the functioning of a healthy matrix. We usually have to prompt the discussion and many people are […]