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When structure doesn’t help (and when it does)

What is the point of structure? As more and more organizations are moving to matrix structures (even if they often don’t realise it) they are effectively challenging basic assumptions about organizational structure. This is because at one extreme the matrix means highly complex structures (with multiple reporting lines of both dotted and solid varieties) and […]

Measuring the efficacy of virtual teams

Have you ever thought about measuring the efficacy of virtual teams, and would you like to know what makes for a successful team? I am sure the answer is yes to both these questions. However, if we then go on to ask have you every actually measured the efficacy of any of your teams, from […]

How team leaders get buy in to a virtual team

In today’s Matrix Monday review (#MatrixMonday on Twitter) , senior consultant John Bland looks at ‘Strengthening Identification with the Team in Virtual Teams: The Leaders’ Perspective’ by Anu Sivunen. One of the most common questions asked by leaders of virtual teams is “How do I get good buy in to my team?” At Global Integration, we […]

Is the matrix organization here to stay?

In today’s Matrix Monday post (#MatrixMonday on Twitter) Global Integration director, John Bland, takes a look at an article from Administrative Science Quarterly. When running training programmes on either ‘Leading  in a Matrix’ or ‘Managing in a Matrix’, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is “Is it here to stay?”.  This might also […]

The Move to Matrix Management (Matrix Monday)

Continuing our Matrix Monday series, where we take a look each week at some of the limited literature resources around the matrix, today Global Integration consultant, John Bland, takes a look at The Move to Matrix Management by Steven Ludwig, published in International Management, April 1970.  How old is the Matrix? I picked up an article this […]

What’s missing in the world of work?

Today we publish an abridged version of a leadership article by training consultant John Bland – in particular on the role of money in motivation. People often put a lot of money and energy into their hobbies and interests, sometimes more than they put into work. Why is that, and what are we missing in […]

Olympic mindsets

With the London Summer Olympics just a few short months away, we asked John Bland, one of our senior consultants, about his experiences: John was a rower for Britain in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. He was also part of the Oxford University rowing team that won the boat race for three consecutive years, as […]