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Too many teams in matrix organizations

One of the most revelatory insights for our participants in matrix organizations is when we share that in complex matrix organizations, only a few types of work are best performed by teams[i]. Indeed corralling people to work in teams when the outcome required doesn’t suit this way of working can sometimes even be dangerous. One […]

Make your next business transformation energising not exhausting

Fancy taking part in another organizational change initiative? Thought not. But we are now in an era of ‘always on transformation’, according to Jim Hennerling, Boston Consulting Group’s Organizational Change Expert, with companies having to constantly adapt to keep up with rapid globalization and digitalization.  Given we can’t hide from change, Hemerling shares his insights […]

Is your Matrix organization on a forward learning loop?

‘The end of a golden age: global companies now in retreat’; ‘Protectionism growing around the world’; ‘Digitalization is coming now’. Dramatic headlines sell newspapers but to some extent they have a point: for the largest 500 firms worldwide, in eight out of ten sectors, multinational firms’ aggregate sales grew more slowly than their domestic competitors […]

A matrix organization needs high tension and high readiness

What temperature is your team today? A recent paper by Danish researchers Burton, Obel and Hakonsson argue that a successful matrix organization will inherently have both a ‘high-tension’ and a ‘high-readiness to change’ climate. High-readiness for change in a matrix organization doesn’t mean overhauling the structure every two years – it means top management handing […]