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Fewer, better meetings in matrix organizations

Our training participants in matrix organizations tell us they spend an average of two days per week in meetings and 50% of the content is irrelevant. The HR team in one global gaming giant we worked with were surprised when the results of an in-depth training needs analysis and training programme on thriving in the […]

Fancy a virtual coffee?

A field study with 43 global R&D teams from a top five Fortune 500 petroleum firm found that spontaneous communication played a pivotal role in moderating the level of interpersonal and task conflict in distributed virtual teams, through stronger shared identity and shared context. So how can we encourage spontaneous communication, shared identity and shared […]

Cultural and behavioural challenges are the biggest barriers to digital transformation

Jeff Bezos briefly topping the world’s richest person list symbolizes just how far reaching Amazon now is. Amazon is, and always has been, a company driven by data and powered by software. It’s seemingly unstoppable rise is just one example of how digital firms are leading the way, with more traditional firms desperately trying to […]

Too many teams in matrix organizations

One of the most revelatory insights for our participants in matrix organizations is when we share that in complex matrix organizations, only a few types of work are best performed by teams[i]. Indeed corralling people to work in teams when the outcome required doesn’t suit this way of working can sometimes even be dangerous. One […]

Make your next business transformation energising not exhausting

Fancy taking part in another organizational change initiative? Thought not. But we are now in an era of ‘always on transformation’, according to Jim Hennerling, Boston Consulting Group’s Organizational Change Expert, with companies having to constantly adapt to keep up with rapid globalization and digitalization.  Given we can’t hide from change, Hemerling shares his insights […]

Is your Matrix organization on a forward learning loop?

‘The end of a golden age: global companies now in retreat’; ‘Protectionism growing around the world’; ‘Digitalization is coming now’. Dramatic headlines sell newspapers but to some extent they have a point: for the largest 500 firms worldwide, in eight out of ten sectors, multinational firms’ aggregate sales grew more slowly than their domestic competitors […]