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Is your expertise being wasted or over used?

Organizational network analysis, using surveys and email analytics to map the informal channels of communication across a company, reveals how unevenly the ‘collaboration load’ tends to be spread across individuals. On the one hand this means a lot of wasted talent – according to extensive research by network expert and professor of Global Business at […]

The neuroscience of trust

Can you tell how trustworthy someone is by analysing a sample of their blood? The answer is yes. By drawing blood from people’s arms before and after a psychological test, researchers found that the amount of oxytocin people naturally produced when asked to share money with a stranger predicted how trustworthy they would be.  A […]

Building an ecosystem-wide matrix

With Amazon set to clean up once again after this year’s holiday season spending spree – it is worth taking a moment to reflect on how they do it. What is powering them to exponential success is a super slick ecosystem-wide matrix organization. On the other side of the world, Alibaba is doing the same. […]

Right to disconnect

Recently French courts ruled that a French Rentokil Director had the ‘right to disconnect’ and ordered Rentokil to pay a 60,000 euro fine.  However, it is also right to disconnect – research has found that when it comes to solving complex problems, we are more innovative and effective if we are ‘intermittently on’ versus ‘always […]

Responding to VUCA

The business world loves an acronym and one that’s been doing the rounds in the last few years is VUCA – the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world we now work in. For many of us this probably does seem a pretty good description of our current internal and external environment. If this is the […]