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Five ways to drive organizational agility

Full organizational agility is about sensing the market and adapting to change faster than those around you; and then being lean and swift in your delivery of that change. As Bank of Montreal (BMO)’s chief transformation officer, Lynn Roger, puts it, “speed is the new business currency.” Managers should consider agility as an overarching principle […]

Is your expertise being wasted or over used?

Organizational network analysis, using surveys and email analytics to map the informal channels of communication across a company, reveals how unevenly the ‘collaboration load’ tends to be spread across individuals. On the one hand this means a lot of wasted talent – according to extensive research by network expert and professor of Global Business at […]

How do our networks need to change with time?

Extensive studies of communications traffic, and who actually talks to who, have identified unexpected practical information about what makes an effective network, and how this changes with time. Father of the field of ‘organizational network analysis’ (ONA), Prof Rob Cross’s decade of research has revealed that it usually takes 3 to 5 years for a […]

Silos – still not cracked…

Three decades ago we were worrying about silos, and we still are today. This is in part because as humans we’ve been hard-wired to build strong bonds with those in our immediate group – and disparage those who are outside (or ‘in-group vs. out-group’ bias as the social psychologists term it). It is also because […]

The neuroscience of trust

Can you tell how trustworthy someone is by analysing a sample of their blood? The answer is yes. By drawing blood from people’s arms before and after a psychological test, researchers found that the amount of oxytocin people naturally produced when asked to share money with a stranger predicted how trustworthy they would be.  A […]

Building an ecosystem-wide matrix

With Amazon set to clean up once again after this year’s holiday season spending spree – it is worth taking a moment to reflect on how they do it. What is powering them to exponential success is a super slick ecosystem-wide matrix organization. On the other side of the world, Alibaba is doing the same. […]