Entries by Claire Thompson

Kick Off Celebrations

Our year at Global Integration has kicked off to a great start. Early each year, our senior consultants meet to share learnings from the previous year and kick off the coming one. This year that meeting has been happening this week. Whilst CEO Kevan Hall had a carefully planned, business focussed agenda, none of us […]

Big dates for January 2014

Each month, we try to round up the dates that are going to affect people working globally and cross culturally in the coming month. We’ll be blogging about these further in the New Year, but if you’re working on an kind of international project, you might be glad of a little notice that January 27 […]

Fairytale in New York

Many of our customers will know Caroline Blair, the efficient human dynamo behind our accounts, and often the person responsible for getting our learner logs printed and dispatched to training courses on time. Her ‘five minutes of fame’ has come, and you can see her in this charity video of FairyTale in New York which […]

Dates for December

With December upon us, what big events may affect our working lives this month? Christmas is the obvious one for many, and if ever there was a festival that had different traditions and different dates for celebration, it’s this one! Whilst December 25 may be the official date, in some places it’s day off, in […]

Cambodian Scholarship Launched

Some of you may remember a post about TH Ong’s long service celebration a few weeks back, where we mentioned that T.H. he chose to use his long service award money to help set up a scholarship fund in Cambodia. Kevan Hall, Global Integration’s CEO, agreed to match T.H’s contribution with Global Integration’s funds, and […]

Flying high!

  Our consultant Phil Stockbridge has a smile on his face, and who can blame him! He was instrumental in helping Global Integration’s selection as a training/consultancy supplier to Sharing in Growth, an exciting initiative designed to help the UK stay competitive in the aerospace field – a significant UK employer, with three thousand companies employing […]