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Farnborough International Airshow

We were delighted this week (on Wednesday, trade day) to have been able to attend Farnborough International Airshow -the aerospace industry’s showcase event – where consultant Phil Stockbridge caught up with some of the companies participating in the Sharing in Growth program. The Airbus A380 (photographed) caught our attention – very special. To quote people […]

Etiquette: My meeting, my rules

At the beginning of any meeting, depending upon circumstances, we make introductions. We share agendas. We explain where the toilets and fire exits are. I moot that if you’re holding a meeting you should also set expectations around technology use, beyond the ‘don’t forget to switch your phone to silent’. And if you can, do […]

Kevan Hall delivering IMI flagship programme

Global Integration’s CEO, Kevan Hall, will deliver part of Dublin’s Irish Management Institute’s Senior Executive Programme for senior business leaders, beginning September 9th, 2014, as part of the International Faculty. He will provide insights into how individuals can navigate the complexities that new reporting structures represent. The dates for this flagship programme are: Orientation – 17 June 2014 (Individuals only) Module 1: 09/10/11 September […]

The etiquettes of workplace technology

In the blue corner we have ‘Digital Natives’, people to whom technology is an umbilical cord to life. Often seen as youngsters born in a World where mobile phones are the norm rather than a recent invention, and media is ubiquitous, these people have utter mastery of their technology and the attention span of demented […]

Matrix Organizations Workshop in June

How time has flown since January, when Kevan Hall joined Andrew Campbell at Ashridge Business School (UK) for an open access workshop on matrix organizations. Unbelievably, it’s already time for a reminder that the next workshop, the last scheduled for 2014, falls on June 17. What’s it all about? Most organizations have some form of […]

May your days off all be happy!

It’s come around quickly, but it’s time to think about May, and some of the cultural, religious and national celebrations that will add layers of complexity to the diaries and planning of anyone working in an international/global context. Around the World, many will be celebrating May 1 as International Workers Day. It’s a national holiday […]

WE’RE 20!!

Today we are 20 years old! That’s 20 years of constantly evolving and refining training for people in complex global, virtual and matrix organizations. If you already know us, and haven’t joined the celebrations, please do join us for a virtual coffee: https://www.global-integration.com/birthday/ And if you don’t know us, enjoy the celebration anyway! And this one’s […]