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Why we don’t focus on resilience in our training

It has become a trend with clients recently to discuss training resilience in their employees. There is nothing wrong with resilience, and in many cases it is admirable. But for organisations to push resilience is often the wrong message. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from tough failures or adversity. It is the ability […]

It takes management to run self-managing Agile teams

Self-managing teams are not new, there have been various experiments over the last 50 years in higher levels of autonomy and self-direction. Organizations like W. Gore were founded on self-managing teams.  Today, however, they are really taking off as movements like Agile and organizational experiments like Holacracy and the form of self-managing teams practised at […]

How to think about Agile in your Virtual & Matrix reality

Increasingly, our clients are coming to us talking about introducing, or improving Agile work design, particularly in a virtual or matrixed environment. Many are concerned that their current business infrastructure and way of working  lacks the ability to self-disrupt. Self-disruption is a challenge because the barriers to entry across many industries are falling and new entrants […]