Global Leadership Training

Global leadership: develop and refine the skills for leading highly diverse and distributed international teams and organizations.

In addition to the normal challenges of leading people, global leaders have to engage and inspire much more diverse groups of people in a much more challenging environment across five main barriers to success.

"global leadership"1. Distance

People cannot get face-to-face very often,which has big implications for relationships, trust and the day-to-day operation of teams and individuals. Leaders need the ability to motivate, communicate and manage performance remotely

2. Cultures

Leading a culturally diverse group of people can be challenging. Different cultures and personalities can have different expectations about leadership. Leaders need to be flexible, but also authentic. Having a set of techniques and tools that allow us to cope with national, functional and corporate cultural diversity is essential.

3. Time zones

Time zones can increase complexity in the organization of work and communication. They are not going to go away! Our training needs to reflect the reality and constraints of time zones in the way we structure teams and individual work. This includes practical guidelines and tips on organizing international conference calls and other routine team tasks.

4. Communication technology

Technology is a major enabler of leadership in complex organizations but it can also be a barrier. Leaders need to be clear about accessibility and delegation, or they can be swamped with 24-hour a day calls and e-mails. Communicating through e-mail and other media can introduce misunderstandings and delay. Leaders need the ability to engage and create participation through online communication tools like conference calls, web conferences and video. They need to be able to choose and use the right technology for the right communications task.

5. Organizational complexity

Most international leaders operate in complex, matrix organization structures and/or where work crosses the traditional silos of function and geography. Our training often includes the development of tools and skills for operating in a matrix where you may have multiple bosses, competing goals and complex organization dynamics. Leaders need to balance the dilemmas of matrix working – for example what should be global and what should be local. They understand the importance of consistency – but also that one size does not always fit all.ese five barriers have an impact on all of the traditional leadership tasks. We still need to recruit, retain, motivate, communicate, inspire, manage and develop people. Despite all of this complexity, we still need to get things done fast and without unnecessary cost.

Developing Global Leaders

We embed the tools and techniques for overcoming these five barriers, in the context of daily leadership tasks, in our training programs. Many leaders will eventually develop these skills through experience but the process of trial and error can be expensive and time-consuming. Many organizations cannot afford the cost and delay of these mistakes, and need specific leadership training to bring best practice and learning from other world class organizations to build the skills they need fast. Each program is unique: it is tailored to your priorities and the specific pattern of barriers and constraints that apply to you. We have existing intellectual property in matrix management, virtual teams and international working, and can quickly develop a programme

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Last update: April 2014

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