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Training session, Chicago, March 2013

Question: Where? What kind of title is that for a blog post?

Answer: It’s a start point for several other questions….

1. Where….can I find Global Integration consultants this week?

Each week we publish details of where some of our key consultants will be over the next few weeks: this week’s has now been updated for this week.

2. Where….can I find an article on teamwork?

An article by Kevan Hall, based on some of the ideas in his latest book, “Making the Matrix Work”,  appeared this week in Business News Daily. You can access it via the articles section of our site:   “Teamwork: More Connection, Less Productivity”.

3. Where….can I find photos?

For a stack of new photos from our training sessions, take a look at our Training in Action section. If you’ve been on a course with us recently, and the course moderator had a camera and your permission, you may even be there!

4. Where…. can I find more matrix-related information?

On each page of the matrix management section of this site (all the pages that drop down from the ‘matrix management’ navigation bar at the top of the pages) you can now directly access related materials using the right hand bar on each page. We hope you’ll find the function useful!




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