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Celebrating at The Shard

Our consultant TH Ong, Vice President Americas and Asia, has been with us for ten years. We used our recent team meeting, one of the few occasions in the year when we are all together, to celebrate this. (We all work remotely.)

We have stringent requirements for people to work as a training consultant, and T.H. met those requirements from the start, having not only a multi-cultural background, but worked in both the U.S. and the Asia Pacific region. He came to us with extensive experience in international human resource and management/leadership development roles in various sectors.

T.H. is also intellectually very sharp – he has a degree in Chemical Engineering, and an MBA majoring in HR & International Business.  But before anyone gets the impression that he’s just an academic, he’s also an incredibly nice person:

Rod Farnan said:

T.H. is one of the hardest working, most customer focussed people I know. He is an expert facilitator (probably the best we have in my opinion) and truly understands the environment he works in. His intellect is both sharp and insightful and he is extremely creative.

Tony Poots said:

TH is a wonderful guy.  Just before we recruited him we invited him to a team meeting where the community event was clearing some scrub land using scythes and machetes on a boiling hot summer’s day. It’s amazing that it didn’t put him off, although secretly I guess he appreciated the chance to take his shirt off and show that Kevan [Hall] and I are not the only ones with ‘six-packs’.

[Editor’s note: For non-English speakers, a ‘six pack’ is a finely tuned physique.  For people who haven’t met the people mentioned, both Tony and Kevan are normal, healthy sizes – T.H. puts us all to shame – hence Tony’s joke.]

CEO Kevan Hall gave a speech extolling these virtues – and making more than a passing reference to his love of scuba diving – at a meal arranged by the company in the much acclaimed new Chinese restaurant, Hutong, at the top of London’s famous Shard (an 87 floor skyscraper designed by the architect Renzo piano). It was a brave move offering Chinese food to someone with Asian origins and with exceptionally high standards, but it passed the test with flying colours.

(You can see some of our photos of the celebration here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/globalintegration/sets/72157635306300718/)

Global Integration normally awards a gift for long service, but T.H. supports an orphanage in Cambodia (which is still recovering from its war-torn past) with rice, and is using the money to extend this and set up a scholarship. (If you would like to contribute, please contact TH directly.)

We’re sure you’ll join us in thanking TH for the fantastic work he’s done with customers across all continents over the past decade, and wish him every success for the next one.



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