These images of a course in Skills for a Matrix Environment were supplied by one of our clients .We offer  training at all levels within organizations, bringing new ideas, practical skills and proven tools for managing yourself and others in matrixed organizations. A customer’s photographer took pictures of this course designed and  delivered by consultant John Bland in February of this year.

What’s matrix training? Traditional organizations were structured ’vertically‘ around functions and geography,but work is becoming more ‘horizontal’. Cross functional teams deliver complex products and services to and through global customers and supply chains. Working with colleagues in different locations, cultures and business units is becoming more commonplace. Welcome to the matrix, where people may be managed by more than one manager, creating fantastic career opportunities – and the need for new management styles to cope with complexities thrown up by this environment.. We offer training for people working in these environments.

You can see from the pictures that there’s no boring Powerpoint training here – we value engagement in training, helping people leave with practial, actionable solutions.

There are more pictures for Global Integration training on our Training in Action page, and more about our matrix training here: (If the maytrix interests you, you may also enjoy Kevan Hall’s new book, “Making the Matrix Work”.

If you’ve been trained by us, we’d love to add your pictures to our gallery. And if you haven’t, but would like to be (or would just like to find out more), there’s a useful form on the right hand side of this page on most devices, or contact your closest regional office.


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