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For our readers who don’t speak English as a native language, ‘two for the price of one’ is an expression meaning buy one, get one free, and refers to the fact that this blog post isn’t just one post, but two! Because the ever busy Kevan Hall, CEO of Global Integration and author, most recently, of Making the Matrix Work, How Matrix Managers Engage People and Cut Through Complexity, has recently penned two articles which we think are worth flagging to you….

TrainingZone: Are you a Matrix Manager or a Matrix Victim?

The first appeared in TrainingZone. Are you a matrix manager or a matrix victim? looks at the difference between those who manage and those who become victims in a matrix workplace environment. It examines the most common complaints heard from matrix ‘victims’. And it looks at the skills and mindset required by effective matrix managers. 

You can find out more about this article/access it: here.

Edge: Can Our Leaders Really Be Heroes

Leaders, argues Hall, need to be accountable for complex issues, often for things they don’t control directly – or even know about. So if they take all reasonable efforts, but despite this someone deliberately finds a way around the process, do we really want them to fall on their swords? Can we expect them to be heroes?

You can find out more about this article/access it: here


  • Are you a Matrix manager or a matrix victim? by Kevan Hall. Training Zone, April 10, 2013.(Note: requires free registration)
  • “Can our leaders really be heroes?” by Kevan Hall. Edge Online, April 3, 2013





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