The team in training

Pöyry is an incredible company which has grown in incredible ways – around 7000 staff in 50 offices and a strong entrepreneurial streak.

Like any company experiencing growth it faces a challenge: how do you grow in size whilst maintaining the qualities that made you successful in the first place?

We are delighted that they’ve allowed us to share some of their challenges and our work with them in our Pöyry case study.

Their challenges are common to many companies that have grown, diversified or simply acquired another company – in short the challenges that, ironically, accompany success.  Maintaining an entrepreneurial streak, the challenges of working in more than one country and the local/global balance are amongst the daily dilemmas for the leaders of global companies.

Pöyry has recognised this and developed a programme which incorporates the most up to date thinking on global leadership, including global organization structures, working across global cultures and leading remote and virtual teams.

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