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Global Integration’s Tim Mitchell recently shared some advice with writer Malcolm Wheatley for a piece the writer was researching for  Procurement Leaders, Executive Network. (You can see a link to the full article below.)

Working with external partners, including in an outsourcing context,  has always been important, but is becoming ever more critical and complex. It is becoming increasingly important to work in an integrated way with suppliers, partners and customers to come together to deliver added value to all of the partners.

Problem ‘symptoms’ include a mutual lack of trust, micromanagement, corporate culture clashes caused by different ways of working, high levels of escalation of problems, and an inability to get the best out of each other.

It is as  important to develop an open and shared way of working to get the best out of relationships as it is to get the shared technologies right. The article by Malcolm Wheatley drives this home, and produces the statistics to support it.

Notable from the original report? 71% of  BPO clients expect their partners to be able to adapt to changing industry demands, yet 67% of suppliers are forced to clear even the smallest changes with the client.

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