Power struggles in a matrix organization require control mechanisms

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This week we look at Changing Power Balance in Matrix organisations: A thesis, by Nursen Saracoglu (Faculty of Business, The University of Technology, Sydney, January 2009)

This paper relates to a published thesis. It asserts that in a matrix organization, where pressures may come from multiple authorities, effective power balancing s necessary for improved performance within the project team and organization.

Patterns of power relations configured by a change to the matrix structure have an impact on effectiveness. In order to examine the issue of changing power balance in matrix organizations, the research looked at the validity of political theories of organizations in major international companies with matrix structures.

Saracoglu’s particular focus includes identifying key factors behind the strategic decision in international companies to change the corporate organizational structure to a matrix structure, the weaknesses and strengths of these matrix structures for subsequent organizational performance, the effects of transition to matrix structure on organizational performance, and the factors used to maintain a power balance between divisions.

The study also intended to provide a model that sought to diminish or reduce matrix structure weaknesses in order to increase organisational effectiveness through the balancing of power.

There is a recognition that very little research in this area has taken place, and the author suggests that the paper may provide useful theoretical insight to others.

Submitted for Matrix Monday by Global Integration’s CEO, Kevan Hall.

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