"Matrix Monday"Each Monday we try to post a review of an article or paper so that you don’t have to.

Today is no exception, and this week’s offering is by one of our own consultants, Tim Mitchell, in European CEO, “The Top Five Leadership Skills”.

Mitchell argues that the top five skills necessary to lead in a matrixed organization/environment are:

  1. Learning from others
  2. Communicating through technology
  3. Engaging and listening to others
  4. Empowering others
  5. Connectedness to the broader business.

He makes good point about where to focus effort, and sums up the spirit of modern management in a single phrase: “The old fashioned command and control hierarchy is diminishing rapidly in today’s business world”.

The article is short and punchy, and can be read here:  The Top Five Matrix Leadership Skills.

Source: “The Top 5 Matrix Leadership Skills: by Tim Mitchell, European CEO, published on EuropeanCEO.com, Thursday Jan 16, 2014.


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