ninetyWhen you’re new to the matrix as a concept, the chances are that you’ll research on-line. And there you’ll find “The matrix is dead”‘ and descriptions of the matrix as an old fashioned form of management. Our research this month has absolutely blown that myth out of the water.

Data was examined from the Fortune 50 and FTSE 50 companies, collectively employing more than 13 million people, and guess what: 90% of the top multi-national organizations operate a matrix structure.

You can see our release on the data collected here: Media release: The Rise of the Matrix – Stop Whining and Get On With It.

Why “stop whining”?  The answer is simple. People have a choice!

A matrix victim is overwhelmed by the complexity of a matrix, and chooses to wait for someone else to solve problems. If they  expect their managers to set their goals, clarify their roles and give clear priorities and direction, they will usually be disappointed. (The matrix manager, by contrast,  realises that they are the only individual who fully understands their own goals and role. A matrix demands higher levels of self-direction, but rewards with  real opportunity to shape our own roles if we have the right mindset and skills.)

(There’s a great piece written by Kevan Hall for Training Zone expanding on this here: Matrix Manager/Matrix Victim)

We’d perhaps agree that  some old fashioned management styles are dying – matrix skills can be applied almost anywhere, whilst command and control can’t.  And management at the highest levels is changing. (The same research gave us some valuable insight into changing board structures as well, with some surprising insights – which we’ll be blogging in our next few posts.)

The research makes it very clear that a matrix structure is firmly behind the World’s most successful companies.

The matrix is dead?….. Long live the matrix!

Why not….?

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