Entrants have just over a week to go to enter the Global Working video competition.

The competitors need your votes to get them into the top 20, although with just three qualifying entries all last minute entries stand a great chance of winning the cash. We are expecting something of a last minute rush if all of the entries promised materialize.

We’ve had lots of questions from entrants. These have been responded to and our Q&A pages updated, but in the interests of fairness, the questions are repeated below:

What exactly is the “public voting”?  Is it Views or Likes on YouTube?  Perhaps Likes on www.global-integration.com itself? 

The votes that count are the ones against the submission itself on the video competition website.  In this, non-eligible, example, you’ll see the the sharing buttons underneath the video: http://www.global-integration.com/video-competition/entries/global-working-thoughts-on-a-complex-world.html

These are the numbers that count for the top 20 shortlist.

It looks like the submission period is until January 31, but the voting process only goes to January 31 as well

It’s been extended for a week – but that’s an incentive to post your video up quickly!

There is no suggested length of time for the video, how long would you say is an appropriate amount of time?

This was deliberate. Most people’s attention span can only run for 3-5 minutes at most. But if your subject is compelling, there’s no reason it can’t be longer or shorter.

Is the topic of “global working” meant to be vague? (Can I speak about globalization in specific terms as well as generally?)

What global working means to people will be something completely different. We’re interested in having these perspectives. Globalization is part of the picture, so if you want your video to focus on this aspect, go ahead.

How does the selection of the winner work, is it by voting or by judges, if there are judges then what are the facebook votes for?

The votes will give the judges a shortlist of 20 to review.

Finally, if selected, how does the prize get delivered?

Cash will be paid to the person who made the entry. We will reach out to them and make appropriate arrangements.

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