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Flooding East Coast USA – New Jersey

We’ve had a report from our colleague, Robyn Green, on the East Coast of the USA (New Jersey), as Hurricane Sandy reaches.

This is her report a few moments ago on how things are there:

Currently winds are picking up and are hitting 40mph. Fairfield County, CT, is already reporting power outages. Businesses have closed and Downtown Westport, CT, has already flooded ahead of the worst part of storm.

Emergency officials are working to get power people into the area BUT first responders (including power folks) are not to be allowed out during the worst of the storms.

All waterfront residents were evacuated earlier, and all other residents told to prepare for a week or more out of power.

Gas stations were low on gas yesterday, some even out of gas completely. Filtered and bottled water were completely cleared from shelves along with paper goods (plates and cups).

From what Robyn has reported, things seem well organized, but she expects to be out of email contact at some time soon.

Our US office will, for the moment, remain unaffected. Naturally we’re concerned for her, and for our customers and friends across the Caribbean and the East Coast of the USA, but hope that the planning will pay off. If anyone has any concerns, please contact our central, UK based office, and we’ll do our best to resolve any queries.

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