Big congratulations go today to Global Integration’s consultant Robyn Green on becoming a Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach (CLTMC).


The program Robyn undertook has developed and refined her existing experience in empowering individuals to expand their abilities as global leaders with all that entails. Importantly it has allowed her to share experiences and offered access to important resources.

Mostly, however, it gives her a formal qualification for what we already know she does brilliantly: helping people to get the best out of their teams.

Now she’s completely settled in at Global Integration, already adding her own unique take to the way that she delivers her training on the company’s behalf, we’ve caught up with her to see how things differ to her previous training roles.

Q: How is Global Integration’s training different to what you’ve delivered before?

Robyn:  The biggest difference I’ve experienced is that the training we deliver truly follows the model being delivered. It’s very engaging, avoids ‘death by PowerPoint.

To really have our approach play out in the program makes a huge difference. An interactive, experiential programme which reflects the approach to teamwork that we’re advocating and training means it’s not dry theory. If you don’t need participation, you don’t need a meeting – and the same applies to training. There’s a reason we train face to face. If we’ve demanded attention, it’s our duty to engage. It has to be worth it. That mindset is very powerful.

Q: Which subject matter do you most enjoy delivering?

Robyn: Remote and virtual teams! It’s one of our ‘meatiest’ courses. I’m particularly fascinated by the importance of influence in remote and virtual environments.

I love the concept of networking as an undervalued skill/process. It’s not valued nearly enough. In hierarchical organizations it was seen as schmoozing and political, but in a virtual workforce you have no choice but to network, working with and through people.

The importance of just being ‘remembered’ can’t be underestimated. If you can’t be seen, you have to be front of mind.

I also think our community decay exercise is fantastic – really practical, really thought provoking.

Q: What will the future hold?

Robyn: My new qualification fits well with the materials we train, our approach to training and our ambition for our customers. I’m now armed with a lot more practical examples than before the course and can’t wait to get out there and share them.

With the course now finished, we have additional resources (both in the US and elsewhere) meaning improved availability and capacity for our clients. Although, like all of the team, I can train cross industry, and in any place in the World – and I’ve loved delivering training in places like Vienna already – I’d like to make the most of my financial services background to help develop business on the East Coast.

Robyn can be contacted via the details given on her profile page, or by contacting your closest regional Global Integration office.

About the author:

Claire Thompson Claire has a background in PR and communications, and has worked in the UK and abroad for many years. Within Global Integration, she's the frontline for co-ordinating the blogging, social media, posting and general digital magic that team members ask for support with. It keeps her busy - she loves it! Google+ Profile: .

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