In last week’s travel post for global workers who travel a lot for business, Ten Tips for Surviving Airports, we promised to look at tips for specific airports this week. But logistics have dictated that particular post goes up next week. (And we’ll be posting on a Thursday from here on in to fit with the #TravelThursday discussions on a Thursday happening in various social spaces.) So this week, we are, instead, looking at boarding!

When we asked for business travel tips to share with other global workers, TH Ong suggested that you always line up for boarding first, “if there’s such a thing as lining up”.  Which lead us to the boarding gate debate. Being first in line – and at all times remaining face forward – will give you the calm of flying on your personal aircraft, suggests Ong.

John Bland, by contrast, suggests waiting and boarding last. Personally, I’m with John – queueing’s no fun, your seat’s not going to run away, and you won’t cause a delay.

But if you’ve taken the ‘carry all your luggage on board with you‘ approach, does overhead locker space dictate that it’s a necessity to board earlier?

And what about flights with unallocated seating?

What’s your travel experience/preference? You can still have your say on our seat preference survey: aisle, middle or window seat? (And why?)
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Next Week

Next week, as well as the airport tips, we’ll be offering six tips for a better inflight experience – and ten from Tony Poots, whose idea of a good flight is beautifully chilled!


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