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Pokemon Go and the future of learning

I started playing Pokemon Go recently, largely to irritate my kids and nephews. If you haven’t tried it, it’s worth having a go just to get a taste for the  technology which allows you to overlay some simple game elements on real world images and locations. There is no doubt that augmented reality, overlaying virtual […]

Matrix management myths – Part 1

In our work with leading organizations on matrix management we regularly encounter a number of myths and assumptions that often hold people back in managing the matrix successfully. It’s important to dispel these as they can lead to people waiting passively for “normal service” to be resumed or for senior leaders to fix a problem […]

Virtual teams aren’t just normal teams plus technology

When we developed the world’s first remote and virtual teams training programme over 20 years ago we went right back to the fundamentals of collaboration and teamwork in designing a program that was “born virtual”. Even then it was clear that the nature of collaboration would change. For example, traditional teamwork requires synchronous discussions and […]

Changing mind sets about matrix management

I’ve been running a number of quite short sessions on matrix management at marketing conferences, senior leadership events and executive committee meetings recently. The keynote sessions themselves may be less than an hour but the discussions afterwards have been really interesting. In such short sessions I tend to focus on giving some key concepts that […]

There is no accounting for flexibility

I am working with several clients on how to identify the right balance between pursuing scale and leverage on the one hand and retaining agility and flexibility on the other. Many organizations are becoming more integrated globally; either through matrix organizations or just a realization that cross functional, international and global working is required to […]

Brexit largely irrelevant for major multinationals

It’s hardly surprising that, as someone who spends their professional life helping organizations think internationally and breaking local silos and parochial thinking, and as someone who runs an international business based from the UK, I voted to remain. However that’s democracy and those of us in business who pay for everything will have to find […]